Saturday, December 22, 2007

Time is moving so fast.....

I can't believe it is almost Christmas. I haven't even really started my shopping. I have 2 small gifts for Greg, and thats it. I still have my brother, sister in law, niece, and a few friends to buy for. I haven't started baking cookies yet either. My house looks like a tornado went through. I will go out shopping tonight while Greg is at bowling. Tomorrow I will clean house and bake cookies. We were suppose to go to my brothers house, but they are sick so that has been postponed until next week hopefully. I haven't seen them in 3 months so it is hard not being able to visit with them.

I got my grades back for the semester, 1 A and 1 B. not to bad really, but I prefer all A's with the amount of work I had to put into the class. I am suppose to start my internship in the spring, didn't know how much paperwork was involved though, now just praying it all works out. I am looking to do the internship at one of the state prisons near where I live. I will be dealing with the children who are there. I don't know how i am going to react to this, or even if I want to accept it. I know they are there for serious crimes and it just breaks my heart.

I also want to go to the cemetery sometime soon, I want to put wreaths on mom and dads grave. It is so hard to believe dad has been gone 3 years, at times it seems like last week, while other times it feels like a lot longer. Mom will be gone one year on Christmas morning, again it seems just like yesterday most of the time. Last Christmas is basically a blur. I only remember bits and pieces. All I remember is when I walked in her room, was pulled out by the Dr. Then screaming. Called hubby and brother, and waited what seemed like forever for them to get there. Next thing I remember we were at the condo, brother left, Greg and I sat in a daze most of the day. had a bowl of cereal for dinner, opened gifts with tears running down our faces.

Going through this year I have done a lot of personal soul searching. I have been through so much, yet I feel stronger in some ways and weaker in other ways. I think I have aged 10 years in the past 12 months, and trust me I have the grey hair to show for it.

To all my friends and family and readers... Remember as we gather to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. Hold your loved ones close, cherish the memories you will be making with each other. Christmas is not about the gifts under the tree, the food you eat, the cookies you consume. It is about family and being together. That is the best gift anyone can get. the gift of time with family. I urge each and everyone of you, this year, set an extra place or two at the Christmas table... call someone you know who doesn't have family or are unable to be with their family this year, invite them over to spend the holiday with you. It will be a blessing not only to the person, but to yourself as well.

My husband and I started this many years ago. On each holiday we invite people over who we know doesn't have family in the area, or their families are estranged. We open our home and our hearts to them. I take lots of pictures, we eat lots of food. Spend time together. It not only makes their day brighter, but the pure joy we receive is not measurable. It is truly a blessing for us to spend time with our friends, who may otherwise be sitting at home alone on Christmas day. The day is always filled with laughter, tears, a very special day as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

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