Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lazy Weekends

Friday night was my husbands Christmas party. I was the designated driver for the evening. I must say, this was the worse one I have been to. The place it was held, the food was horrible ( at least the little I got). They ran out of a lot of food before even half of the people were able to get plates. The DJ was totally horrible. If people weren't on the dance floor soon enough, he would stop playing a song and start another song, never mind if people were just listening to the music, or were even on their way to the dance floor. After the party, we went to a local Country music bar. I wasn't feeling well at all. Saturday morning I woke up, I couldn't do anything all day. I was miserable. I was so sick all day. All I could do was lay around. I was suppose to meet with my best friend and her son and go to a Christmas party for his daycare, but wasn't even able to do that. I did sleep a lot yesterday also. Today I feel a lot better. I have so much work to do though. I have to clean house, wash clothes, and all that other fun stuff.

There was an article in the newspaper about the memorial service I went to on Thursday night

I do want to add something about the wonderful man I am married to. He is such an amazing husband. He is my best friend. He knew I wasn't feeling well yesterday, and he was amazing. Rubbing my back at times, telling me he loved me. I am sitting here writing this blog, just watching him sleep. He amazes me in so many ways each and everyday. When we got married, I didn't think I could be anymore in love with him as I was that day 16, almost 17 years ago. Little did I know then, I am more in love with him each and everyday. Now I am not saying he is perfect, because I know there isn't anyone who is perfect. He does have his flaws. I do to. He is such a loving, kind, gentle, and most understanding man I know. I fall more in love with him each and everyday. Now to find something for him, as a Christmas present, that I have money for, to show him how much he truly means to me. His BIG gift will come on Valentines Day. ( that is when we buy more for each other, the prices are lower, and its tax time so we have the money)

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eliz said...

This is very sweet~you guys are lucky to be so in love~not alot of people find true love!