Sunday, June 14, 2009

update on Foster care.....the good, the bad and the unknown.


I know it has been a while since I have posted. I have been so busy honestly. Between watching Kaylee during the day... and I am working 3rd shift at an ice cream factory. So that doesn't leave much time for anything... except sleep, and those who know me, know I need my sleep or I am like a bear with a sore butt LOL. ANYHOW. I went for my physical Friday afternoon ( skipping my sleep time). Everything went well and I go back on Monday for them to "read" my TB skin test. Next thing is getting the house ready for our home inspection, getting all the other paper work done and then they will talk to our references and inspect our home. So things are finally moving once again toward us becoming foster/adoptive parents.


I know it has made news all over Maryland, but it was announced earlier this week the the Unilever ( formally Good Humor/ Bryers) Ice Cream plant will be closing. Yes this is the place where Greg has been working for 14 years, and the place I am working at through a temp. agency. They will start laying off people in 2010, with me being one of the first to go due to being a temp. employee. The plant will be closed totally at the beginning of 2011. It is one of the ONLY good paying jobs in our area. Greg will loose his job ( he will be getting a severance package though). We will loose our medical insurance which really is a BIG DEAL to us. Greg is on medication for high blood pressure as well as it was recently discovered he is diabetic. Our grocery bill will drastically increase. ( at the plant, they have a company store and we have been able to save LOTS of money buying a lot of our groceries and other household goods from)

The Unknown

Although we don't know where this will lead us, we know the Lord has a plan in all this. Where one door closes, another one opens. We KNOW the Lord will see us through all this. We may loose some things ( I am sure we will have to move to another house) and we will have to cut back and cut out many things we enjoy now. Jobs right now are few and far between. I can't even find a job in the field in which I went to college and got a degree in. I am sure we may loose contact with several friends we have met working at the ice cream plant. At least we know now, and are able to try to save some money up for when he does become unemployed. He is thinking about going to get his CDL license after the plant closes. We are just waiting it out, thinking, and planning right now, waiting on the Lord to point us in the direction he wants us to take.