Tuesday, August 4, 2009

True Story Tuesday -- On the wings of a Snow White Dove

This looked like fun so I thought I would join in. This is brought to you courtesy of Rachel and Mr. Daddy . So after you read this, you can head over there and read more amazing stories.

In September 1996 Greg's grandmother was admitted to the hospital. She was very sick and no one knew what would happen. When we got the phone call we hurried home, packed some clothes and headed to South Carolina to be closer to her and the rest of the family. We left during the night, stopping at different places along the way to get food, drinks, gas, and to use the restrooms. When we finally got to his grandmothers house ( where we were staying) where his aunt and 2 cousins also lived, we unloaded the car, and took a shower before heading to the hospital. Now before this I only met his grandmother a few times, but we were already really close. We got to the hospital, she was in ICU. After visiting for our allowed 15 minutes, Greg, a few of his relatives, and I went outside to smoke a cigarette and talk. I was NOT prepared for what I saw in that hospital room. She was hooked up to so many different machines and most I had no idea what they were for. Momma ( as we called her) looked horrible. While we were outside, the shock of what I saw hit me... I passed out... the left side of my face slid down the brick wall. Greg got really scared, and started shaking me because I was still unconscious, little did he know, while he was doing that, he was banging the back of my head against the brick wall. and YES we laugh about that now. Anyhow.... after that, we all thought ( myself included) that I would not enter that room again, it was just to much for me to handle. The next day we got up in the morning, and while we were eating breakfast, the phone rang... it was the Dr at the hospital and he wanted to speak to the family and asked us to come down later in the day. We all get to the hospital and the Dr. asks us to all come into the chapel which was located right outside the ICU area. This was a room we were all familiar with as we all spent many hours in this room. The Dr told us the only thing keeping momma with us was the respirator. He didn't think momma was going to pull threw this. He told us he would give us some time, but he needed to know what we felt he should do. After spending a few more minutes with us, he left the room. Right away the family all agreed that momma wouldn't want to live like she was, and we all decided to allow them to turn off the respirator. We were to meet with the Dr the next day and let him know what we wanted. The family went in one by one to say their good byes ( except me). The next morning, while everyone was getting ready to head to the hospital, I was sitting on the back porch with Greg, a few of his aunts, his mother, and his uncle. The children ( his cousins) were out in the yard playing. I sat there praying for a sign from God that what we were doing was the right thing, that momma would be ok. Just then... at that very moment I looked up... toward Heaven... and sitting there on the edge of the roof was a dove... a dove as white as the snow. I pointed this out to everyone else... we were all amazed!!! None of us have ever seen a dove so white. His aunts told us they have never seen a dove at all in that area. His cousins came over to see what we were talking about, they started jumping up and down... and that dove NEVER moved at all. Soon it was time to head to the hospital to talk to the Dr. One of Greg's aunts spoke up and said " Come on... its time to head to Georgetown to see momma and talk to the Dr" the dove spread its wings wide... and flew straight in the direction of the hospital. I believe that was not only my sign, but the families sign, that momma would earn her wings that day, that she would go home to be with our Lord. Later that day, after talking to the Dr. Greg, his aunts and his mother were in the room when they turned off the respirator. Momma lived for a short 20 minutes after that. That was almost 13 years ago... the FIRST time I have ever seen a white dove... and the last time we have seen one. Thank you God for giving the family that sign of your love and protection on that very sad day for my family.