Monday, October 12, 2009

my first NOT ME MONDAY

Not Me Monday was created my McMama. Since I am a innocent of all bad doing.. this is my first time participating. Yes that was sarcasm lol. This is where I share all of the things I did NOT do... because seriously, some things are just to embarrassing to share. So here lets get started...

I most certainly did NOT try to figure out a way to not go to the unemployment seminar this week because I just KNEW it would be so boring... only to find out that because I did go, they are going to pay for me to go to classes so I can find work.

I did NOT let Kaylee nap for 3 hours one day because I just needed a little break and a nap myself. If she sleeps to long for a nap I know she won't go to bed at night for her parents, and that would be rude.

I did NOT start thinking about taking out Christmas decorations... we all know it is way to early... and because I did not think about that, I just took out the Halloween decorations and other fall decorations.

I did NOT take some of the toys and put them up and out of sight because I am tired of falling over them all the time... and after I didn't put them up it didn't seem like she still has a million toys all over the floor ALL DAY LONG!!

I did NOT laugh at Greg when he opened his dinner last night that I bought from a fundraiser... grilled chicken, baked beans, cole sole and a roll... when flipped the lid open and water built up from steam ( yes it was cooled off) flew up and hit him in the face.. that wouldn't be funny and what kind of wife would I be if I laughed after he laughed.

I most certainly did NOT skip cleaning house and doing laundry so I could sit and watch football and nascar on a Sunday..

WOW thats it.. that is what I did NOT do this week... that was fun :)