Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Endings... New beginings.

So tomorrow is my last day working for Merkle. I am really excited about this,but at the same time kinda sad. I have worked there for several years and have made friends with some others that work there. I still babysit, and work for Spectrum Support, and will be getting more hours there soon. I am glad to finally find a job in my field, I am leaving Merkle on good terms, in fact they don't want me to leave, but as far as a career, that is not how I want to live. I will make a little more money at Spectrum Support, and I plan on staying there until I get my BA in Social Work, which I hope to have by 2011, WOW that seems like almost forever lol. I start the program in fall of 2009, and it will take me 2 more years to finish. I have to start buying things for my niece for her birthday, and Greg's birthday. It just seems like starting in September is is a never ending circus in my life, and I can't wait until January gets here and things calm down again. Now if I could just win the lotto..... everything would be good....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hey!!! That phone talked to me !!!

So I have been watching a friends 18 month old little girl. Things have been going really well I must say. My husband called to check in from work... see how things were going... Well Kaylee was in background just chatting away ( don't ask me what she said because all that is understandable is yellow and "welcome"). Anyhow He asked me to give phone to Kaylee.. which I did. I could hear him talking to her. As soon as he started talking, she pushed the phone back to me. With her facial expression like " Hey... I know who was talking... but how did he get in the phone???" I couldn't help but to laugh. I just wish I would have thought to take a picture.

cost to watch baby = 75 dollars a week
Phone bill = 100 dollars a month
Kaylee's face when phone started talking = PRICELESS!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Job...... May be a good move for me

Well I just got home from my first day at my new job. The house I work in has 2 clients living there. Each of the clients have a dual diagnosis. It was a pretty laid back day. There are 2 people working there on the weekends. I did really enjoy myself today. ( Is that even allowed when I am getting paid to be there?)I can't go into detail about the clients, although I don't think anyone who knows me personally reads my blog, I am bound by confidentiality not to divulge all information. Both clients are male.. in their 20's. One is totally non verbal, which can be a challenge. The other client is verbal, which makes it a little easier to work with. The client that is non verbal gets frustrated that he can't express what he wants and what he feels. He is autistic. When he gets to frustrated, he can and does get aggressive. Both clients have a history of aggression though. I will only work weekends there for now, until I finish all the training classes I need, then I may pick up a few more hours through the week.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Funny Farm Bound???

Things here a relatively calm FOR NOW. Starting this weekend I have another job. I will be working with an organization that helps clients with developmental disabilities. I would give more information about this job, but I don't know how much I have to keep confidential. The clients I will be working with are those who have committed a violent crime, but were not convicted because of their disabilities. The client I will be assigned to, there will always be 2 workers in the home at all times. I am also starting to watch an 18 month old during the day m-f. The parents don't want to put the child with someone they don't know, so they asked me to watch her. I will have her from like 6:30 am until about 3:30 pm. I will then go to my first job working M-Th 5-9 pm. THen the weekend job Sat and Sun. 9am-5pm. but THATS NOT ALL....

Starting September 9 I will be starting classes for Foster/adoption care.

go ahead... make the call.... so much going on... they will be taking me away to the funny farm soon.... who wants to join me?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Getting back to "normal"

WOW!!! Has it really been so long since I last posted? Things here have been crazy to say the least. Greg has surgery on his knee, and finally went back to work today. I am sure most people know what it is like to have a man at home all the time. lol. I am still looking for a job, with the economy right now no one is hiring. We were able to visit my brother and his family. It is amazing how fast the kids are growing. One of the best things that has happened since my last post, is Greg has stopped drinking!! It has now been 5 weeks. I did get my acceptance letters from 2 different schools that offer BA in Social Work. Now I have to decide where I want to go. Each school wants 200 dollars to hold my place... and right now that is 200 dollars more than I can afford. I don't know what I am going to do yet. I am going to talk to both schools, and find out more about the financial aid before I make a final decision.

I know there are people that read this blog, and some of who have blogs of their own. I do read a few..... ok a lot of other blogs. I would like to add a blog roll to my page... if you would like to be included in this please leave a comment and let me know. Also let me know HOW to do it lol... yes I know I am blonde.