Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Job...... May be a good move for me

Well I just got home from my first day at my new job. The house I work in has 2 clients living there. Each of the clients have a dual diagnosis. It was a pretty laid back day. There are 2 people working there on the weekends. I did really enjoy myself today. ( Is that even allowed when I am getting paid to be there?)I can't go into detail about the clients, although I don't think anyone who knows me personally reads my blog, I am bound by confidentiality not to divulge all information. Both clients are male.. in their 20's. One is totally non verbal, which can be a challenge. The other client is verbal, which makes it a little easier to work with. The client that is non verbal gets frustrated that he can't express what he wants and what he feels. He is autistic. When he gets to frustrated, he can and does get aggressive. Both clients have a history of aggression though. I will only work weekends there for now, until I finish all the training classes I need, then I may pick up a few more hours through the week.


Anonymous said...

Hey way to go. If you have any questions about Autism, let me know, I am somewhat an expert. LOL. Keep your head up and things will fall into place. Good luck with the foster care adoption thing. we did that for 6 years. It canbe a wonderful blessing and some children can be absolutely terrible!! But best of luck and I am thinking about you!
Love, Robin

eliz said...

Congrats on your new job I wish you the best. :)