Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Endings... New beginings.

So tomorrow is my last day working for Merkle. I am really excited about this,but at the same time kinda sad. I have worked there for several years and have made friends with some others that work there. I still babysit, and work for Spectrum Support, and will be getting more hours there soon. I am glad to finally find a job in my field, I am leaving Merkle on good terms, in fact they don't want me to leave, but as far as a career, that is not how I want to live. I will make a little more money at Spectrum Support, and I plan on staying there until I get my BA in Social Work, which I hope to have by 2011, WOW that seems like almost forever lol. I start the program in fall of 2009, and it will take me 2 more years to finish. I have to start buying things for my niece for her birthday, and Greg's birthday. It just seems like starting in September is is a never ending circus in my life, and I can't wait until January gets here and things calm down again. Now if I could just win the lotto..... everything would be good....

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