Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nasty Bugs

Last week Greg wasn't feeling well, now I am sick. I had to call in tonight from work. I have taken some nyquil earlier today, and plan on taking more tonight before I go to bed. Christmas night, my best friend and her son came over for a while. After her son opened his gift, we went upstairs and played pool for a while. They left and I went to bed shortly after that. Greg is laid off this week, so yesturday I went to work, he was relaxing a little. He had a Drs appointment in the morning for his blood pressure, they adjusted his meds again. I will be so glad when they get everything adjusted to where it needs to be. Today I basically laid around, while he and another friend got the last gift for Greg out of my van. It is a Total Gym, like on TV. Tomorrow I have to work, or I won't get paid Holiday pay. This weekend we are pretty busy also. Saturday, Greg has bowling, Sunday is the deadskin and dallas game. Monday we are having friends over for New Years Eve, and Monday is well recovery day. I will post more when I feel better.

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