Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 in review....

I honestly believe in order to improve the future, you must learn from the past. I know I just started blogging, but want to take a few minutes to reflect the past year.

Mom recently passed away, so we were busy getting the condo ready to put on the market. I never realized how much stuff people accumulate over the years. I wasn't working, so I was able to spend a lot of time doing what I needed to do. It was a very depressing month.

AHHH the month of love. We had all the flooring replaced in the condo. then put it on the market on the 19th. Greg and I didn't really do a whole lot to celebrate Valentines day this year. I continue to watch my niece grow so fast.

I decide to go back to work. I couldn't handle staying at home all the time. I am used to working. ( wonder what I will do when I retire lol in ummm 35 years. This is also my birthday month. Greg and I both took off work.... but we had a bad snow so we stayed in and watched tv.

Easter... We went to spend it with my brother. We were so blessed to be as a family that day. It is one of my fondest memories of the year. Madison had her first Easter Egg hunt... At 17 months old.. she would find an egg, pick it up.. and say what color is was. She only missed one... She is so smart. I was amazed. She knows her colors already.

Anniversary month... Well this month is another that flew by. The begining of the month, we signed a contract on the condo... Giving 1 week before closing. Yep. Greg and I were still there, and had 1 week to find a place, pack and move. We did find a wonderful how. It is 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, nice backyard for the dog.. but more than we want to pay for rent. But we are happy and we are together. Moving day... got up early, had everything packed and ready. Loaded the moving truck. and the other vehicles we were using. I drove the van. Got the the house, trying to hurry, closed the van door... but my hand was still in it. I never knew a door would totally latch closed when a body part is in the way. The following week was my anniversary, and Greg and I enjoyed a nice dinner at home. We didn't really want to go out to celebrate this year.

The beginning of summer.. Not much happened. Greg spent many weekends at the dragstrip. Greg did run one weekend, and came in 3rd place. I was so happy and so very proud of him.

We had a few picnics with friends. We were both busy with work. Not much time to do anything else.

College started up again at the end of the month. So I was busy getting everything, including myself ready for that.

This is a very special month to me. It is Gregs birthday and also Madisons birthday.
They were having a party for Madison, and we of course went to that. It was wonderful to spend time with my brother, sister in law, and Madison. Early in the month, I went to my first Nascar race. I had a blast. This was part of Gregs birthday present. The second part of his present was going to see Gretchen Wilson in concert. This is by far the best month I have had this year.

College was in full swing, and work was busy. We didn't do anything for Halloween, we were both working. Although Gregs job has slowed down a lot. They are facing layoffs, and a drastic cut in hours.

Thanksgiving.. I made dinner and we invited friends over. We had a great time. Work for me was very busy. Greg was laid off 2 weeks, and is now only working 4 days a week. College was crazy. Lots of papers, had at least 2 due each week almost the whole semester.

Memorial service for our kids, and mom, dad and grandma. I look forward to this service each year. This is when I can celebrate Christmas with them. Christmas at home, I made dinner for Greg and I, and we also invited some people over. College has ended for the semester. I was so glad it was over.

Although it wasn't a totally fun filled year. It had its ups and downs. I am grateful for each and every day I have to spend with those I love. May 2008 bring more happiness and prosperity.

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