Saturday, January 12, 2008

Life is so UNFAIR

Well the weekend is finally here. Nothing planned really except to watch football games. As for the reasoning for the title.... Last night I got off work early. There wasn't a lot of work, so I finished what I had to do and left. A few people from work was getting together to go out. I couldn't go with them, I didn't have the money. While I was sitting here, I sent a text message to one of the friends from work. I found out that another one was fired tonight. After I found that out, I had to call... no more texting. They fired her saying she stole money. This is OUTRAGEOUS!!! She is not the type of person to do this. She has been working there a few years and busted her ass for them. They have cameras up, but I don't think they are working. She is upset about this.... along with many other co-workers. From what i know... she did put some money in a feedback tray... told the supervisor about it.... and didn't think anymore about it. Well the money came up missing. Anyone could have taken it. There are many people who have access to the tray. Everyone knows where it is....anyone could have taken it. But since she was the last one who was known to have it, they fired her over it. If your dealing with large amounts of money, each and everyday, you have cameras up everywhere, please explain to me, why the cameras are not turned ON???? This place has money disappearing all the time, HELLO!!!! make sure the cameras are ON!!!! The company is loosing one hell of a worker over this. I just don't understand this. Each year, at this time, there are always people fired. Always for the same reason...stealing money. Some people are talking to the one who was fired Friday, telling her to get a lawyer about this. I really hope she does. Not to get her job back, but to not let the company continue to do this. This person wouldn't do anything to jeopardize her job, its not the best job in the world, but its a job. I have worked at several different places over the years, and I must say this is the worse job I have ever had. They are totally unorganized, a total lack of communication, and of course the bosses have their " picks" and it is very noticeable. Now I am not saying all this because I like the person who was fired, we have had our differences before. I have known others who have been fired, and I totally believe that yes, they did steal from the company. The one who was fired would do anything for anyone, she would give you the shirt off her back if you wanted it. I have worked there 5 years, and off all the people who they have fired, I can honestly say there are only 2 people who I think were fired who shouldn't have been. I really think the company is setting people up, who they just want to get rid of, just to get rid of them. I just hope this person gets a lawyer involved in this. I KNOW she didn't take the money.

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eliz said...

It is unfair I agree !!