Wednesday, May 28, 2008

fast update.

I am getting so upset without my laptop!!! I am so ready to get it back. When I sent it in for repairs, they told me I would have it in 7 business days, well that has come and gone. I called them and the person I talked to hardly listened to what I was saying he just kept telling me " Don't worry about it, we will fix it for you" well HELLO it ain't fixed!! Its on Hold... I want to know what is going on with it. I ended up filing a complaint with the BBB. Not 3 hours later, one of the higher-ups called me. He told me that the people who I have been talking to shouldn't have told me things they did. Their GOAL is to have repairs done in 5-7 business days AS LONG AS THEY HAVE THE PART. Well they didn't have my part, and was waiting for it to be shipped in to them. He told me the part would be in there on June 2. thats right JUNE 2/.....3 weeks after I sent it to them. I am starting to look for a laptop for Greg, but I promise you one thing.... It WILL NOT and I repeat WILL NOT be a TOSHIBA!!!! This has been the worse laptop I have ever owned. It was on sale... had to programs and price range I was looking at. I could have gotten a Dell, or even and HP for a little less money. GRRRRRRR.

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