Thursday, December 11, 2008

update on Memorial Service tonight....

Well after talking to the man that is in charge of the service this year... my time is being cut short...Therefore I had to cut out the poems I wanted to say... Please think about me and the families who will be attending this year.They don't even recognize my children that I lost because I was not able to carry them full term.. Also please pray for all families who have lost children way to early. This is now what I plan on saying... ( in front of about 250-300 people)

Good Evening. My name is Veronica Scott. First of all I would like to thank Brook Hill Church, for continuing this memorial service after my parents and grandmother passed away. 18 years ago my father organized the first interfaith memorial service for families of deceased children. Some of you may already know the story, but for those who are attending for the first time, I would like to share this. There was a lady my father worked with, who lost her young son. She asked my father if he knew of anyplace that held a memorial service for families who have lost children. Dad did a lot of research and couldn’t find any. He decided to organize one. He made all the preparations, and the first service was held the second Thursday in December of 1990. There were about 20 people in attendance. My mom and grandmother baked cookies, made cakes, and took care of all the refreshments. They did this each year. Dad would work on it all year long, and start final preparations in September. Mom and Grandma would start baking on Black Friday each year. In July 2004 dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. One of dads final concerns was to insure that this service would continue. Brook Hill assured him that it would and he passed away Sept. 8 2004. Grandma passed away December 14, 2004 due to complications related to diabetes. December 2006, a week before Christmas, mom and I were having one of our many conversations about how we missed dad and grandma. She then told me all she wanted for Christmas was to be reunited with them. Christmas morning my mother received her only Christmas wish. She was reunited with my father and her mother.

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