Tuesday, September 16, 2008

which way is up???

There is so much going on in my life right now. I love watching Kaylee through the week, she is usually really good. But there is also a lot of confusion. My other job, with Spectrum Support, is starting to get to me a little. The main supervisor for the area has resigned, and the house lead person is now also looking for another job.... why?? because a higher up from the company has been coming up every week.... All I know is that one of the clients has been told... and we have been told... that he can do what ever he wants. I can understand this TO A POINT. He needs to be able to do things, and enjoy life.. BUT he has a history of aggression if he doesn't get what he wants when he wants it. Now this is just basically putting all the staff that works in that house in danger. He has hit another staff member last week, and is starting to refuse to do things he know he should... and then asking for rewards, such as McDonalds food... roller skating, bowling, to go to the fair... you get the point. Well it is fine and dandy that if he has the money that he be able to do these things, but if we don't have the money for us... then what... and what happens when he runs out of money for the month? Yep we are really going to have a lot of problems with him. I also know there is a lot more going on that I don't know about and other staff don't know about. I am starting to get a real uneasy feeling about this job. I have been there over a month now, and have yet to go to any trainings. I am so frustrated over this. I thought this job would have been a good move for me, but now I am not so sure. I can't afford to quit, and jobs right now are few and far between. On top of all this.... one good thing is this week I am starting classes to be a foster parent. I am really excited about this, yet I am also very nervous to. I don't know if I am getting burnt out, or what is going on right now. I feel aggravated about a lot of things, and just don't know what will happen next... and quite frankly that scares the crap out of me. I don't like NOT knowing.. that is one thing I do not handle very well. I need to know what to expect... what to look for... what comes next. I am just not getting that right now. I have so much to do... I did get Greg his birthday gift, but I haven't got my niece's gifts yet. I also want to get something for my nephew. I will just be glad when Saturday gets here so I can have a day off work.

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