Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Things may be looking up...

Things here may be starting to look up for us finally. Greg has gone back to work, after being laid off a while. I have picked up 2 more evenings at work. I am fighting a cold right now, and Kaylee also has a cold. Poor little one can hardly sleep with her nose running so much. I am taking off this weekend from work ( with pay) in order to help my brother move. They have sold their house, and are putting things in storage until they find a house they want to buy. They will be staying with their in laws for a while. I am still waiting for that wonderful white stuff to fall from the sky, I don't think we will ever get any again this year. I am just so glad the holidays are finally over. They are really hard on me anymore. I do enjoy spending them with Greg, and my brother and his family, but it just hurts so much that I am no longer able to spend them with my parents. In my family, we have lost contact with my fathers side of the family when I was in high school, and now I seem to have lost contact with most of my moms side of the family. We don't have contact with Greg's family, and haven't for many many years. One thing I am looking forward to is starting back to college to get my BA degree in Social Work.

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