Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hard Times... hard times

I am so tired. I am doing my internship as well as working. I get up in the morning drink my coffee, check my email, and listen to the news on TV. I leave the house about 8 am, come home for lunch, then out the door to work. I get home a little after 8. Then I have to get things ready for the next day. Take my shower, set the coffee pot, feed the dog, get clothes layed out. Then I try to be in bed by 1030 or so. I still have a month and a half of this. top it all off Greg is out of work right now because of his knee. He is miserable, he isn't used to just sitting around all day. He isn't getting paid for his time off right now, not until the Dr fills out the paper work. Then his job told him today he needs another paper filled out by a different Dr. He should eventually get paid for the time he is off, but we don't know when that will be.

My birthday is coming up this weekend, all I want is SNOW. I can't remember the last time we didn't have snow on my birthday.... this year they aren't even calling for snow. I know it is an odd request... but its something I love, and doesn't require money. It is so hard on me right now, I am really missing mom and dad. I never dreamt of the day my parents wouldn't be around. SO many things going on and they aren't here to share it with. I graduate in 2 months... something both mom and dad were very proud of me for.

I know I am just ranting right now, and I am sorry about that. I am just frustrated right now and don't know what to do. It seems my world is crumbling around me and I can't stop it.

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Denise said...

Aww hugs to you girlie.