Thursday, December 10, 2009

Annual Memorial Service for Families of Deceased Children

Its that time of year again. The annual memorial service for families of deceased children. It is hard to believe dad started this back in 1990. Although my parents have never lost a child themselves,Dad did loose a little brother at a very young age. Way back in 1990 a co-worker of dads asked if he knew of any place that had a memorial service for families who have lost children. She went to a service sponsored my Hospice, and it just didn't feel right to her. She sat next to a person who lost their 90 year old father. The grieving is so much different when you loose a child. Dad looked everywhere he could think of and couldn't find one. He then talked to mom and they agreed to have one. That first year there were about 20 people total at the service. What was planned on being a one time thing has grown over the years. It is always held the second Thursday of December. Now there are usually over 200 people attending the service. Dad and mom never knew at that time that the service would also benefit their children. Tonight as I light the memorial candle for dad, and place my kids ornaments on the memorial tree I will be celebrating the holidays with each of them. I will also be thinking about all the other Children who will have an ornament on that tree, and so many other children who have died way before their time.

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