Saturday, May 9, 2009

Because I Said So Book Review PERFECT Mothers Day Gift!!

Not five minutes ago I finished reading the most amazingly funny book. Because I Said So by Dawn Meehan. Dawn also has a blog HERE. First a little background information. Dawn is a Stay at home mom of 6 amazing kids. 3 boys and 3 girls. I just got this book a few days ago, and have had a real hard time putting it down.... reading this book ALMOST made me late for work one night.

In this book Dawn tells us many stories that will make you laugh out loud. Dawn tells about then one of her daughters cut her hair not once but twice!! While reading this book, and thinking about all the things my mom always told me I did, it made the things I did well "normal". I would highly recommend this book for all women, both those who already have kids, and those who don't have children yet. For those who are already parents... do you often wonder about the things your children do.... why can't they clean their room, what about all the "experiments" they perform, or do you have the infamous "notme" living in your home, you can't see them, or hear them, but they are ALWAYS getting into mischief. What about the way kids think they know everything, and we are just so stupid we don't know anything, but when asked simple questions, they always answer " I Dunno". There are no perfect parents, things are always going to happen. They may not seem funny at the time, but when you read of it happening to another person, it always seems so much funnier. So what are you waiting for.... go out right now and get this book. "Because I Said So... and Other Tales from a Less-Than-Perfect parent" by Dawn Meehan. and don't forget to check out her blog. While you are buying your copy of the book go ahead and buy a few extra copies for gifts. I know this is one book many people will be receiving from me in the near future.

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