Monday, March 16, 2009

On this day Many Many Moons ago......

Here we are again, another year. My mom would tell me the story of when I was born each and every year. Oh how I wish I could hear it one more time from her. Each year it was the same... It all started March 15, 1973 at around 530 AM. mom woke up having slight contractions, her mother ( my grandma) was visiting them waiting on the birth. Dad always told everyone they were having a little blonde hair blue eyed little girl. Everyone told dad he was wrong, the way mom was carrying the child, it was a boy. Mom got up, and started cleaning house. Made breakfast and lunch for everyone. Out in the back yard their dog was also delivering puppies under the shed. Dad didn't go to work that day. At around 4pm the contractions started getting stronger and more frequent so they called the Dr, who told them to go ahead and head to the hospital. Everyone got their showers and got ready. They prepared and ate a nice steak dinner. After dinner was done, and dishes were washed and put away dad went out to the shed to check on the pups. He brought them and momma in the house. Being the middle of March it was very cold outside still. At around 930 PM the all got ready and went to the hospital. The nurses told dad and grandma they may want to go home and get some rest, that the baby would not be delivered until sometime the next day. Mom told them she was not going to lay there all night having these contractions all night, the baby would be delivered soon. The nurses laughed at her, she was a first time mom, what did she know??? At 12 47 AM on March 16th a tiny little girl was born. Dad carried the baby out to the waiting room to show her off. Everyone asked how "he" was. Dad smiled wide and told them " She is doing great. I got my blonde hair blue eyed baby girl". They didn't believe him at all, dad was known as a jokester. They all had to see for themselves.. sure enough a blonde hair, blue eyed baby girl weighing 5 pounds and 12 ounces and 19 inches long was finally here, she was due the end of February. They named her Veronica Michelle.

This was the pregnancy that had to be hidden for many months. Mom was in nursing school, soon to graduate. Students were not allowed to have children. She was able to hide it until right after she took the Maryland State Boards exam and passed.( the other students knew, and then the state picked one topic to test on, that year it just happened to be on OB/GYN, mom had the answers sitting right there with her)

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Rick said...

Very nice tale. We had three girls. No boys. I have no regrets.